24 Jan

Tips for Staying Hydrated At Work

If you’re like most of us, once we get to the office or job site, our work dictates every minute of the day. That’s not a bad thing; after all, we get paid to get the job done. 

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The downside: we allow those professional demands to get in the way of what our bodies demand. Water makes us work smarter.  So here are four tips for staying hydrated at work.


1. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Water Bottle

Bringing a bottle to work means you can drink what you need no matter what you’re up against. 

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You won’t be tempted to head to the soda machine for something sugary or loaded with chemicals. Those canned drinks also work against you by using the water in your body to breakdown their ingredients, which makes you more dehydrated. 

2. Eat Foods That Boost Hydration 

While water is the best and easiest way to make sure you stay hydrated, give yourself a boost by eating the foods with the highest water content.  

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3. Match Your Coffee Intake with Water  

Coffee or tea can provide an energy spurt during an intense day. But they are also dehydrating, so make sure you drink some of your water along with that cup of Java or Jasmine.


4. Track Your Water Intake

When you’re under pressure to make deadlines, it’s easy to forget about drinking or to skip what you need. For most of us, that’s a minimum of 64 ounces of water and more if we’re doing physical work or are outside in adverse conditions.  

person in high-rise office holding hidratespark 3 while viewing the free hidratespark water tracking app.

So take away the hassle of staying hydrated at work. The world’s smartest bluetooth water bottle keeps track of every sip. And with a variety of colors, you’ll look good while you’re doing what’s best for you!

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