20 May

Traveling with Your HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

As summer quickly approaches, we’re all anxious to hit the road or sky for a long awaited trip to somewhere besides home. Even though you’ll be on vacation, it’s not an excuse to forget about your hydration. Taking your HidrateSpark smart water bottle on your trip will help you stay on track. Here are a few tips and reminders that will keep your HidrateSpark on top of its game while you’re traveling. 

Tips for Flying with HidrateSpark Products 

  • Charge your water bottle before your trip. It will take the hassle out of charging it during your flight. Although, if necessary, the USB charger allows you to charge it like your phone from anywhere.
  • Do you have a Wave product? Pack it in your travel canister to make it easy to transport.
  • Don’t worry about security checks. Your HidrateSpark smart water bottle is approved by the TSA as long as it’s empty.
  • If you're flying at night and the plane is dark, you can easily snooze your glow as a courtesy to other travelers using the HidrateSpark app.
  • You won’t lose stats while in airplane mode. HidrateSpark smart water bottles will store data while you’re flying. When you land and turn your phone back on, your bottle will sync with the HidrateSpark app when you turn off airplane mode. 

Tips for Road Tripping with HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles 

  • Make sure your bottle is resting in a cup holder with its full weight on the puck. You might get inaccurate measurements if it’s leaning against the side of the cupholder or bouncing up and down.
  • If your cupholders are full, place your bottle on its side. Don’t worry; you’ll still get credit for all of your sips. It will sync when it’s flat again. 
  • Don’t worry if you lose cell service on your road trip; your water bottle will store your sip data and sync with the HidrateSpark app once you have service again.
As you prep for your summer vacation, don’t forget about your hydration goals. We hope these tips help keep your HidrateSpark products working for you while you travel this summer.