05 Mar

Get Involved: March 22, 2020 is World Water Day!

Water is our most precious resource, so you might argue that every day should be “World Water Day”.  On March 22, we observe one special day to learn more about our water. This year’s theme: how water and climate change are linked forever.

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Make a Difference for World Water Day

While none of us can eliminate our water “footprint” and still survive, watching what we use and being more conscious about conservation, can make a huge difference.

Everything we buy and wear requires water; paper, plastic, metal and fabrics can’t be produced without water. So, try to cut down on waste and consider using more recycled products.

When we turn on our lights, if that power is generated by traditional coal or natural gas sources, it produces greenhouse gases. Scientists have shown that renewable energy (such as solar, wind and nuclear) does not use water or contribute to climate change. So, if we have a way to choose how we get our energy, that can bring positive results. For example, just last month, Charlotte moved to go more green, giving people there a new option.

When it comes to drinking all the water our bodies depend upon, billions of people are still choosing single-use plastic bottles. A typical adult could go through more than 6 plastic bottles a day; worldwide, more than ONE MILLION plastic bottles are sold every minute.

You can make a difference in your life by monitoring your health more effectively, saving money and helping the environment.

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The “world’s smartest water bottle” has an internal sensor that pairs with a free app to guarantee that you get the water you need. It sends glowing reminders and text notifications to keep you on track. Apart from making a statement with your elegant, colorful and sophisticated bottle, you’ll also be part of a great plan to conserve our planet.

Let’s make World Water Day a call to action, rather than a day on the calendar. No matter where we call home, we will make a positive and lasting impact on our world.